Who is Kevin D. Hofmann?

By the time he turned 2 years old  Kevin Hofmann had survived an abortion,  been given away by his mother, adopted by a family of another race and woke up to a burning cross in his front yard.

Kevin was born in Detroit in August 1967 two weeks after the riots that changed that city forever.  It was out of these amazing circumstances his life and purpose began. It is out of these experiences he tells his story; a story of struggle and joy,  pain and passion, and most of all hope.  It is out his own life experiences he works tirelessly to unite the races that share equal parts of his DNA


Kevin presently works with k-12 school districts, universities, and organizations in the area of diversity and inclusion.  From such a unique world view Kevin works to create a place where ALL  can thrive. 

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Big Theater

Keynote addresses

Gimme 3 feet!
Everything I needed to know about inclusion and diversity I got from a kindergartner, a Magic Johnson "wanna be", and a tall white kid.
"Gimme 3 feet!" Max yelled as he tried to pass the ball in bounds.  It was the first time I heard the expression and this backyard basketball rule schooled me on the importance of boundaries, boarders and the need for us all to give EACH OTHER 3 feet.
In this 60 minute keynote I present 3 people who taught me the keys to creating space where we all can be heard.  I share about Joey, a fellow kindergarten classmate, Max and backyard basketball, and Mike(the tall white kid), my best friend of over 40 years.  Through the art of story telling I give you and your group practical information and solutions based in reality to create a space where all free to express who they truly are.
It starts with 1
Helen was a small blond woman who stood at 5'4" on her tall days and hovered around 100 lbs after a big meal.  She had 3 children, the youngest who was 8 when Helen found out she was pregnant.  The father and Helen were happily married, just to different people.  Faced with what Helen saw as an impossible situation she knew of only one way out.  Shortly after finding out she was pregnant with another man's child, Helen reaches out to her sister to get a loan to facilitate her only solution.
In this 60 minute keynote address, Helen teaches us the power of one, what purpose really means and she inspires us to be better.  This hour long journey we will cry and laugh and leave motivated to look at each other a little differently.  
In a world and time when it feels things are coming apart, and so many of us are looking for ways to connect and help, Helen directs us back to true purpose and action.  
If your school or organization is struggling with todays events and the many different view points and beliefs,  It Starts With One reminds us to look outside ourselves and make changes that will benefit us all. 



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K-12 School Districts

The goal of this training/partnership is to create a space where ALL children can thrive.

This training last one school year and involves focus groups with students, exercises with faculty and staff and professional development trainings and planning.

"I used to come in and do a one-day training, but creating an environment where all children can thrive takes more than one day.  It was irresponsible of me to come in stir up deep-rooted issues and leave.  My commitment to districts is more than a day-long training." Kevin says.



Kevin's experiences as a child of color on a predominately white college campus gives insight into how colleges and universities can create an environment where ALL students thrive.  Whether it be through a Keynote address, or as part of your First-Year experience, Kevin can help guide you to a place where all students feel seen and heard.


2020 will go down as a year that changed the world forever!  Covid 19 and social distancing were words that had no meaning to most a year ago.  Police brutality and civil unrest have dominated our TV screens and mobile phones yet your organization still has to meet goals, make up for lost production and find a way to make sure all are heard and respected.

Growing Up Black In White trailer

Training clip at  Alma College-my alma mater


I met Kevin Hofmann a few years ago when our school enlisted his support to open dialogue in our school community regarding diversity and inclusion.  Kevin attended our district-wide opening day at the start of the year to equip our staff with the necessary tools to support our diverse population.  As a district, we purchased his book, Growing up Black in White, for all staff members to read.  Throughout the school year we held numerous book studies to deepen the conversation.  Since that time we have invited Kevin back to talk with staff in a smaller group setting, and to sit on our diversity panel.  Mr. Hofmann's perspective and knowledge has helped Perrysburg Schools to work through a conversation that is ever evolving.

K-8 Principal

What Hofmann does so well is tell his story. He simply tells his story, without activism or criticism or politics, and that's what I found so moving. He writes sincerely and humorously about the joys and challenges of his childhood, growing up, and his racially-mixed family. Other than demographic details, the chronicle of his personal evolution is thematically similar to that of Langston Hughes, William E.B. DuBois, and James Weldon Johnson. But Hofmann's story is uniquely accessible. 

Growing Up Black in White is poignant, funny, and enlightening. Hofmann's decision to steep his story in the ordinary moments of life was inspired. His book pulses with an authenticity that will transport you back to your own childhood. If you spend any time at all there I trust you will see things you never saw before. Because as Hofmann shows, regardless of your skin color growing up is never simply black and white. 

Sally Bacchetta
Adoptive Parent/Author


You draw people in.  I know this because when you spoke to us in East Lansing, I invited adoptive parents who needed reaching and they responded to you.  They and their children are reading your book together.  Reaching these families potentially opens the door to further communication about race, culture and the adoptee experience, perhaps including the writings of other adoptees.  I will continue to recommend your book as an important addition to the many great works by adult adoptees.  

We sometimes learn more by the stepping into the lives of others than we would from direct advice.  I believe many parents will take their first steps to being better parents by reading your book and recognizing what our children experience as minorities.  I believe parents who may not have done so will finally take active measures to recognize their children’s race and culture and move into, and interact with, more diverse communities.


Black Children White Parents transracial group

Lansing, Michigan

Training clip at a k-12 district

I really appreciate you coming in and speaking with our class.  Several students expressed to me that they found your visit very rewarding & enlightening, as did I.  Also, I'm enjoying what I've read of your book thus far, and I'm going to request that the university's library get a copy.  



Sociology Instructor

Spring Arbor University


My name is Marcee and I'm a student at Lourdes University. I just wanted to say thank you for coming and speaking with our class last Wednesday. I also really enjoyed your book and am looking forward to your next one. I've passed it along to my daughter and told her what an enlightening read it is. It takes courage to make your personal life public but thank you for doing so. Understanding the world from another persons perspective is always an eye-opening experience and creates an opportunity to have a greater understanding of issues that affect the world around us. I've really appreciated all I've learned from this multi-cultural diversity class and reading your book was a wonderful supplement, as was the opportunity to meet you and have you answer our questions.

Lourdes University


I finally had a chance to sit down and start reading your book last night.  Stayed up very late, as I couldn't put it down.  I have never read anything like it.  I have read a LOT of books on transracial adoption, but nothing like this.  You have a gift of communicating your feelings, and your transparency has helped my husband and I to make a very important decision regarding our future.

Thank you so much for allowing people like us to look into your heart and soul through your experiences.  What you have shared will change our kids' lives.  Your examples and wisdom are invaluable to us at this time in our lives.  You unselfishly shared things that many people would rather keep inside.  Thank you seems 'weak' but it is all we have.  




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