Keynote Addresses

Give Me 3 Feet

This presentation addresses how to create a community where all have a voice and are heard.  Your group will be challenged to create space ALL(not just those who agree with me) can thrive.  A must for organizations/institutions hoping to harness the true power of the culture created by their unique employees/students.

Abandoned Purpose

Can You abandon purpose?  You can try but it will find you.   This keynote highlights the power we ALL have to find, control and honor the gifts within us. 
An inspiring and motivating speech that reminds the audience we are All called and qualified for one special job designed solely and only for us. No matter how long your purpose has been abandoned you too can find it, renovate it and live an elevate life.

Color Blind...Color Dumb.

Countless studies show if a student/employee  has a sense of belonging they perform better, they are happier, and they stay longer.  
In this humorous presentation, Kevin explores viral mis-steps some corporations have made along the lines of diversity and EX-clusion. 
Fostering true diversity is better for your bottom line and will help prevent your company from becoming the next meme. 


Colleges and Universities

Kevin's experiences as a child of color on a predominately white college campus gives insight into how colleges and universities can create an environment where ALL students thrive.  Whether it be through a Keynote address, or as part of your First-Year experience, Kevin can help guide you to a place where all students feel seen and heard.

Foster Care/Adoption

As a trainer for the state of Ohio in the area of adoption and transracial adoption, Kevin has gained valuable experience conducting research-based training.  When he combines research with his own adoptee experience his course are unique, impactful and life-changing classes.  Whether it is a 1 hour, 3 hour or 6 hour training course, he has you covered.

K-12 School Districts

The goal of this training/partnership is to create a space where ALL children can thrive.

This training last one school year and involves focus groups with students, exercises with faculty and staff and professional development trainings and planning.

"I used to come in and do a one-day training, but creating an environment where all children can thrive takes more than one day.  It was irresponsible of me to come in stir up deep-rooted issues and leave.  My commitment to districts is more than a day-long training." Kevin says.

Kevin D. Hofmann


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